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        Inhabitants of the Core MUD mining colony ( 4000)       
               Core-enabled MUD client users are color-coded               
                Core MUD runs FluffOS v2.27 with Colony 2.0                

Player         Race       Gender Level     RP   Mine Merc Tech Idle 
Grey           Arachdroid Male   Head Arch 4    B-Ga   B    A  13m 2 
Malcolm        Human      Male   Mentor    29   B-De   B    A  20m 1 
Mick           Blit       Male   34        1    B-Al   A    B  13m 3 
Nigel          Vaurgch    Male   Arch      57   B-Ga   A    B  26s  
Jarrun         Cyborg     Male   52        19   B-De   B    A  16s  
Steve          Agent      Male   Arch      5    B-De   A    A  50m 5 

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