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Core MUD is a free multi-player text game that is played in real-time over the Internet.
Because the game is text-only, you don't need a high-speed connection or a fancy graphics card.

To play the game, all you need is an active Internet connection and either a "telnet client" or a "MUD client".
For your convenience, we also have a Java-based client that doesn't require installing any software at all.

Options to connect instantly:

For a better playing experience, download and install a MUD or Telnet client.
These programs offer features like a separate input line for your commands,
vertical scrollback, command history buffer, auto-mappers, copy & paste, and more.

Here are some of our favorite MUD clients:

  • Portal for 32-bit Windows (free)
  • CMUD for Windows XP or Vista (30-day trial)
  • zMUD for older version of Windows (30-day trial)
  • Other programs and download links are listed in this forum thread

As Core is a text-based game, you operate your character by typing in text commands.
Print out or refer to this simple cheat sheet of commands from Core's online Wiki!


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